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release the energy

embrace the roots

expand the soul

my vision

My name is Angelina Abel, I am the choreographer and artistic director of Mulembas d’Africa. Our organisation runs dance classes and workshops for the empowerment of all womankind.

Here is my vision:


I want to help women focus on the primal power of movement for ritual, performance and as a medium for personal growth and social integration. 


My African movement dance classes draws influences from Bantu spiritual practices whilst exploring movement and spirituality through choreography.

Are you ready to reconnect to your roots?

Come along for fun, friends and empowerment through freedom of expression!

my story

I remember growing up with an eagerness to perform! Being part of dance troupes throughout my teenage years, being a backing vocalist in a hip hop band, becoming a runaway model…but not following the performing arts career route at that stage for lack of opportunity and financial means. 

I grew up listening to the stories of my homeland, of how my grandfather a fashion designer made his own outfits to perform throughout the carnivals in Luanda. 

The stories about my grandma “Velha Santa” (The elder Saint), also a dancer within Angolan carnivals, a local healer, community midwife with an invaluable training gained through life and oral history. Passed on from generation to generation! 

Growing up as the youngest of five I watched my siblings pull the most amazing moves to Kizomba, Semba, Kazukuta and other vibrant Angolan rhythms. Constantly teased by them as my admiration was clear and for wanting to jump into every opportunity to dance in the family “roda”(dance circle). 

I was motivated by intense stories of a family of artists, politicians, activists, many persecuted and killed for their thoughts, lyrics, poetry, discourses that portrayed the reality of Angola and the impact of colonialism. Through music and through art. 

All of this become the reason, the influence, and the inspiration behind Mulembas d’Africa. 

I moved to Sheffield in 2004, straight from Portugal to South Yorkshire. Having studied languages, my mind was blown when hearing regionalisms such as Gi o’er and Mi’sen and not understanding what these meant. However, all was well when I was introduced to Jam roly poly and custard. 

As I settled in and my community involvement grew, my need to perform awoke. I worked with local drummers and dancers, and in 2009 I completed my first dance teaching qualification through the International dance teaching association. 

For months I travelled to London over a number of weekends to learn and complete my training whilst continuously working full time in Sheffield.  

Mulembas d’Africa was founded then, 11 years ago with 2 classes taking place every Wednesday, African Fusion and Kuduru! 

Today, Mulembas continues, exploring roots, family and soul to deliver its growth through movement. Allowing truthful artistic interpretation of Angolan tales, respecting the force behind its vision and aiming to share the mysticism of my cultural background. 


african fusion dance

Every Wednesday
7 - 8PM

Croft House Settlement
Garden Street
S1 4BJ

For ALL Levels

Join us in fusing nature and African dance as a means of mediation

Please contact me via the contact form below if you have any enquiries.
I'll be more than happy to help.

Contact me

Thanks for your details. I'l' be in touch with you as soon as I can. Have a great day!


events  & workshops


 Class member 

"I joined Angelina's dance class about three years ago. Going to her class is one of the highlights of my week. I've done quite a lot of dance classes over the years (did the standard ballet, tap, disco, modern as a child, and used to be in carnival dance troupe for a while about ten years ago), and Angelina is a really excellent teacher.

She is very precise and good at breaking down the steps, as well as noticing which bits people are struggling with. Angelina also manages to create a friendly open atmosphere in her classes - everyone is welcome. And the weekly dose of energy and good vibes is very welcome :)"

anne grange
 Class member 

"I have been attending Angelina's dance classes since 2008, and they have really boosted my confidence. I've taken part in many dance performances, including several at Tramlines in the Peace Gardens in Sheffield. The classes have really built up a community of like-minded women (and a few men) from all over the world, becoming a vibrant and important part of Sheffield cultural life. As well as building up my physical fitness, learning the dance routines provides a mental challenge, and means that I am already ready with a move whenever I hit the dance floor!"

steve rivers

Director of
Unbeatable Energy Ltd 

"Angelina is a complete inspiration. I have hired her on several occasions for my company’s community drumming events and she has never failed to deliver. She is more than just a great dancer. She gets a crowd involved so there is full participation, breaking the barrier between performer and spectator. I thoroughly recommend Angelina as a fantastic dancer, performer, teacher and highly motivating individual."

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