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MAMAWE | Sheffield Afro Pean Dance

MAMAWE, Sheffield Afro Pean Dance Festival aims to divulge and disclose dances from the diaspora in Sheffield.


Our classes are delivered by members of the African diaspora and by those who, when in contact with its dance cultures respectfully promote interculturality through their art.


Mulembas d'Africa values movement as a point of unity and joy amongst communities, and, reflecting this, Mamawe aims to work with spirited and soulful teachers to meet it's need to create an opportunity for technical discovery, as much as a spiritual one through the African dance culture.

Mamawe promotes local dancers and performers and enables the effective network with artists from other cities/countries. It also counts with the loyal support of some of Sheffield's prime DJ's.


Check out our previous events', and don't forget to join our mailing list to support us.


Mamawe workshop Oct 2017 FLYER FRONT (1)
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