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Mulembas d'Africa dance classes started as a concept strongly rooted in my ancestors' life experiences. It's name, suggested by my mother, accentuates this spiritual creative guidance and helps me establish the standards I need to pursue dance as my passion and my method of communication.


Mulembas is an African fig tree, also known as a royal tree. Its branches supply shadow and comfort, allowing meetings to take place between tribe chiefs and kings. It was under the protection of the Mulembas that the Angolan elders, the “Sobas” would meet to resolve any issues or arguments arising in their communities.


A typical Angolan tree, Mulembas is especially associated with the history of the struggle of the Angolan people against foreign invasion. It is said that during the time of resisting Portuguese colonial rule, Ngola Kiluange, a resistance Ieader rested under this mulembeira tree and named it "Mulemba Waxa Ngola Kiluamge, meaning, "a location where Ngola Kiluange rested". Therefore, my dance class aims to provide a nurturing, safe and protective environment which embraces the roots of my ancestors' traditions...


From its colonization period to the recent end of 30 years of civil war, many cultures were present in Angola. Portugal, Dutchland, Brazil, Cuba, South Africa, and the USSR were a few of these countries, not to mention neighbouring African countries. The reasons sustaining these presences are not all positively memorable, but the fact is, that some of these countries' influences are still felt within the rich Angolan dance culture.


Born in Angola and raised in Portugal, I am in love with the powerful and rich sounds and movements of my world, naturally then, I feel these cultural influences combine to form a perfect marriage of elements within my dance classes.


This is the basis of Mulembas African Fusion Dance Class.


My dance class travels between the world of traditional Africa and more contemporary elements;

Eclectic, energetic and flexible live musicians understand a wide range of musical styles and rhythms so, we expand the soul...


Mulembas also offers a Kuduru Dance Class. Kuduru is not just the music, not even just the dance, it is the playful creative energy of the Angolan spirit!


From Angola, Kuduru is both a dance and music style. Raw and with a strong beat, the music fuses the world of traditional African instruments with electronic music and reggaeton. We release the energy…


Angelina Abel

Mulembas d’Africa Founder


release the energy

 expand the soul

embrace the roots

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