• To promote social integration through dance;

  • To help develop self confident individuals through interpreting dance using grounding and liberating movements;

  • To promote interculturality;

  • To develop strong African dance communities in Sheffield;

  • To create dance platforms for Mulembas dance class students;

  • To develop understanding of the Angolan culture through Art;

  • To support children in their growth as socially aware and considerate individuals; 

  • To develop young people's interest in different cultures through African Fusion dance. 





Artistic Director for Mulembas d'Africa, Angelina is an IDTA (International Dance Teaching Association) qualified dance teacher. Through the creation of original dance routines for Mulembas d'Africa, Angelina focuses in the Angolan dance culture, classes include Kuduru where traditional dance styles are approached and fused such as Semba, Kizomba, Rebita and Kazukuta.


The African Fusion dance class, counts the rhythmn of dance routines with the participation of live drumming from Paul Butler - Drummers United / Hot Diamond Aces(congas and djembe), and Ricardo Lourinho - Hot Diamond Aces (drum kit / percussion).  Mulembas' diversity and creativity sees the delivery of Afro-Samba courses which focus on the historical connection of Angola / Brazil and also, through a mentoring program with Joana Peres from Allatantou Dance Company, the delivery of Allatantou Guinean dance classes.