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To promote social integration through dance;

To help develop confident individuals through interpreting dance using grounding and
liberating movements;

To promote interculturality;

To develop strong African dance communities in Sheffield;

To create dance platforms for Mulembas dance class students;

To develop understanding of the Angolan culture through Art;

To support children in their growth as socially aware and considerate individuals; 

To develop young people's interest in different cultures through African Fusion dance. 



ANGELINA ABEL | My experiences

I am an IDTA (International Dance Teaching Association) qualified dance teacher, and an artist-associate at Arts on the Run, Yorkshire and Humberside’s Regional Arts and Refugees Hub.  

Commissioned by the hub, in 2016, I had the amazing opportunity to develop the solo piece “My Roots, My Family, My Soul”, inspired by my Angolan history, family story and personal experience with a dual-cultural identity.  

In 2012, I was appointed choreographer and artistic director of COR/PO, a cross-arts project, alongside Joao Paulo Simoes (Frontier Media). Angelina Angolan roots are the essence of this hypnotic performance that embodied the poetry of Angolan writers with a particular focus on the work of Mauricio de Almeida Gomes. COR/PO highlights ritualism and ancestral energy through dance and spoken words.  


I have been fortunate enough to hold performances at many wonderful venues, such as the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds, Nour Festival in London, South Yorkshire Poetry Festival and the Migration Matters Festival in Sheffield.  


I’m also the proud director of the Mamawe Afro Pean Dance festival where I have the freedom to explores, celebrate and teach heritage dance from the African diaspora. Created in 2013, Mamawe Afro Pean Dance festival has seen the delivery of more than 10 dance editions with the presence of a wide range of exciting and talented guest teachers.  


In 2013, I had the privilege of being a teacher for Common Ground - West Yorkshire Playhouse Theatre project, Angelina increases her work with local schools in an integrative project that leads to the school’s performance at the launch of Refugee Boy show based on Benjamin Zephaniah’s book.  

I’m currently an associate artist for True Talk Africa, delivering African dance workshops to schools across Yorkshire, promoting inclusivity and a deeper understanding and acceptance of the ‘other’ as per the company’s vision.  


In addition to the above, I’m also an associate artist for Utopia Theatre, a Sheffield-based company dedicated to demonstrating the rich cultural heritage of Africa’s theatre and have delivered online movement workshops throughout 2020. 

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