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João Paulo Simões
 film director 

"Angelina has managed to enhance the translated poetry of Mauricio de Almeida Gomes, my grandfather, through her remarkable choreography and performance in COR/PO. As the leader of this project she has encouraged and nurtured everyone's contribution in our different areas of expertise. Sound, video and music have become not just complementary aspects, but an integral part of the show, through a process of extremely well-judged osmosis."

DJ & Promoter

"Angelina is an extremely talented powerhouse of African dance culture, and has had a huge impact on the Sheffield cultural scene through the dance classes she runs, her inspired choreography and her impromptu breakout dance performances in South Yorkshire shopping centres.

I love working with Angelina and have the utmost respect and admiration for her outstanding talent."

Nishal Lal

Dance Teacher & Choreographer 

"Angelina has a professional and 'can do' approach to projects we have worked on together. She brings a wonderful positive spirit to projects and is a great team member."

Jude Brown
Event Organiser

"It is always a pleasure to work with Angelina.  She has a professional style and you know that she will try her hardest to make something work.  Hopefully we will see Mulembas D'Africa  continue to support out event for a few more years to come.'  

Sam Holland
Director of Migration Matters Festival

"A joy to work with and wonderful to watch perform, Angelina is built into the fabric of this city and I hope she will continue to inspire in Sheffield for years to come!"

Paul Butler

drummers united

"The longevity of the classes are testament to her enthusiasm and professionalism, with the correct mixture of fun and focus that make the sessions so popular. A high percentage of her participants become engrossed (due to Angelina’s contagious passion for dance) and feel like they are part of an extended family, embracing the community spirit that she tends to nurture, thus becoming friends as well as students."

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