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Finding Fela soundtrack

A much needed musical power release from KnittingFactoryRecords.

The geniality of Fela first strikes us with Jeun Ko Ku (Chop N’ Quench), a slap of excellent rhythmical ensemble, with a bass groove that makes you loose legs strength and a horn section that dictates your every single reviving movement. The hypnosis is a fact through instrumental speeches culminating in a strong energetic composition, reached after a climax of musicians’ comrade. Oh, what a tune!!

The soulful strength is on focus with the variety of themes that compose Finding Fela. The inclusion of ‘Opposite People’, ‘Viva Nigeria’, ‘Shuffering and Shmiling’ and ‘Beasts of no Nation’ are clear reflections of the rare spiritual dedicated determination that Fela Anikulapo Kuti represented. A man arrested more than two hundred times in his life due to his beliefs and fight for a better world.

Finding Fela presents us a beautiful rendition of ‘Zombie’ (Coconut Records – Nigeria, 1976), where melodic female voices, spread a unified message in a chant of awakeners.

The playful ‘Highlife time’ title saying it all, “it’s got the heat”…a high followed by a steady smooth groove that can only be described as transcendently deep, ‘Lover’ is unique.

Son of a master pianist and a world-recognized feminist leader, Fela had the essential ingredients to have become the musician, politician, freedom fighter that he was. The joy being in the fact that, with almost 70 albums released worldwide by public demand, the Anikulapo legacy continues, touching ground and in every aspect still representing the struggles of today.

Finding Fela, directed by Alex Gibney, will be in UK cinemas from the 5th September 14, but the album, the album has now been released, enjoy.

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